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YMM Guide, Workplace Education

Your Money Matters Guide - Workplace Education, Adults (download PDF)
Helps adults learn to manage their finances and build wealth

El guía de cuestiones de dinero - Educación en el lugar de trabajo para adultos

El guía de cuestiones de dinero - Educación en el lugar de trabajo para adultos (bajar PDF)
Ayuda a los adultos a aprender a administrar sus finanzas y creación de riquezas

YMM Guide - Low-Resourced

Your Money Matters Guide - Low-Resourced Adults (download PDF)
Highlights practical ways for adults to handle their money, even if they've reached a crisis point

El guía de cuestiones de dinero - Adultos con recursos bajos

El guía de cuestiones de dinero - Adultos con recursos bajos (bajar PDF)
Destaca formas prácticas para los adultos para administrar su dinero, incluso si
han llegado a un punto de crisis

YMM Guide - College

Your Money Matters Guide - College Students (download PDF)
Highlights budgeting, saving, student loan management, banking and consumer credit

YMM Guide - High School

Your Money Matters Guide - High School Students (download PDF)
Highlights budgeting, saving, college planning, banking and consumer credit

YMM Guide - Low-Resourced

Oklahoma Money Matters Brochure (download PDF)
Outlines OKMM's mission, goals and services

::Lesson Plans::

Download PDFs of the lesson plans by clicking on the lesson plan title.

Your Money Matters High School Guide

Budgeting    |   Budgeting Scenario Cards    |   Credit    |   Identity Theft    |   Saving    |   Saving & Banking
Saving & Banking Scenario Cards

Your Money Matters College Guide

Living on a College Budget   |   Susie Smith's Spending Profile

Your Money Matters Workplace Education Guide

Monitoring Your Credit Report

Your Money Matters Low-Resourced Adult Guide

Avoiding an Identity Crisis

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Create a customized budget that fits your spending priorities by using our free online personal budgeting tool.

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::Learning Modules::

Learn how to make your money matter in every stage of life! From buying a car or house to getting married and having kids – our modules walk you through these big decisions and give you the tools you need to make informed financial decisions.

Our current selection of online modules explores:

Each module includes learning objectives, tools, a quiz and a completion certificate.

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::Money Talks Podcasts::

Our podcasts, developed for college students, cover:

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