Keeping Up With Others

Trying to keep up with everyone else is a never-ending battle that can quickly hurt you financially. There will always be a newer, shinier and more high-tech version of what you have. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, try to be content with what you do have.

We've all been there. Your friend gets a new smartphone and suddenly yours looks outdated and sad. Your best friend gets new clothes, now you're itching to shop. A buddy is planning a spring break trip to Florida and now your plans sound lame.

Learn to realize when you want something just because someone else has it. When thoughts like that creep into your mind, focus on your spending goals and the rewards you'll receive when you reach them. This won't make the "I want it" feeling go away completely, but it'll help you stay on track to get the things you really value.

It’s OK to want nice things; unfortunately we can’t have everything we want right now. Since money is limited but wants aren’t, make a habit of prioritizing the things you’d like to have then make a plan to save up for what means the most to you.