Finding the Right Job for Your Degree

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Career path presented as a road map

What happens if you simply can’t find a job in your chosen field or you decide that you made a mistake when you picked your major? Did you waste your entire educational career? No! While some jobs do require a specific degree, most allow for flexibility when it comes to your major field of study. Generally, employers are most interested in your ability to learn and a degree tells them you’ve received the basic skills you need to succeed in the workplace. Once hired, you’ll likely be more specifically trained for your daily job duties. In some cases, if you choose a career that’s significantly different than your degree, you may need to take a few extra electives, but in the grand scheme of things, it may be worth it.

Here are some alternative career choices for popular degrees.


commercial art, media, graphic design, museum work, teaching or art therapy

Biological Sciences:

health care, lab assistant, technician or research assistant


public relations, management, sales, market research, advertising or education


law, journalism, public relations, advertising, technical writing, grant writing, publishing or teaching

Foreign Language:

government, film, museums or travel and tourism

Political Science:

education, nonprofit, management, journalism or teaching

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so whatever your degree is in, focus on the skills you’ve gained and keep your options open to new career avenues.

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