Step 5, Part 2: The Road Ahead

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Master the Monthly Payment

Woman handing over card to make a payment

The car isn’t the only thing that will need regular maintenance. Keep an eye on your budget and look for ways to put extra money toward your car loan. The sooner you pay it off, the less the depreciation will affect your bottom line. And the sooner you can free up a chunk of money in your budget!

I Can't Pay My Loan!

If you get into a situation where your loan becomes too much to handle, you do have options. The first step is to communicate with your lender. This is essential to keeping your loan in good standing. The next step is to consider refinancing your loan.


Refinancing is not just for those who are in hot water with their loan. If interest rates drop or if you’re just not happy with the financing you have, you can consider refinancing.

Shop around for a loan that offers you an interest rate you can live with. is a good place to start to compare your options, but investigate other avenues too. Be prepared for loan application fees and other costs. Compare them to the savings you’ll rack up with a lower interest rate. If you can handle the paperwork, refinancing may be an option for getting and keeping control of your car loan.

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