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    Budget Challenge Personal Finance Simulation
    Subject: Budgeting, Consumer Issues (Insurance), Economics, Investing, Retirement Planning, Saving (Emergency Fund), Taxes
    Audiences: Adults (Parents), Educators (Teachers)
    Source: ProperLiving, LLC
    A personal finance simulation that rewards good behavior and teaches modern skills through modern technology and a learn by doing approach.
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    Activity, Game, Multimedia (App)

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    Subject: Budgeting, Financial Planning
    Audiences: Adults, Students
    Source: CISI
    The CISI offers a wealth of material, qualifications and support to help you get into finance.
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    Game, Website, Mobile Applications

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    Claim Your Future
    Subject: Budgeting
    Audiences: Students (High School), Educators (Teachers)
    Source: Finance Authority of Maine
    Claim Your Future [formerly known as Get a Life] is a classroom and web-based resource that was created for middle school students, to encourage them to explore education after high school, future careers, and money management.
    Free Resource
    Game, Lesson Plan/Curricula, Website

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    Coin Box
    Subject: Teaching Kids about Money (counting coins, identifying money)
    Audiences: Students (Elementary)
    Source: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    Learn to count, collect, exchange and make change for coins while playing this interactive game.
    Free Resource
    Game, Website

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    Counting Money
    Subject: Teaching Kids about Money (counting coins, identifying money)
    Audiences: Students (Elementary)
    Source: Harcourt School Publishers
    Counting money takes a simple approach to learning money values. Students identify coins and add up their value.
    Free Resource
    Game, Website

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    Credit Card Simulator
    Subject: Credit (Credit Cards)
    Audiences: Students (College, High School)
    Source: Consumer Jungle
    Discover the true cost of credit card interest. You may be surprised
    Free Resource

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    Cyberchase: Money
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Saving
    Audiences: Students (Elementary, Middle School)
    Source: PBS Kids, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, CastleWorks, Inc.
    Cyberchase:Money is an interactive site that deals with money issues that are important to kids age 9-12.
    Free Resource
    Game, Multimedia (Video), Website (Blog)

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    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Investing, Saving, Teaching Kids about Money
    Audiences: Students (Elementary, High School, Middle School), Adults (Parents)
    Source: DoughMain
    A website with games and tools that empower kids and their families to become better educated and more confident about money management and financial topics.
    Free Resource
    Activity, Game, Website

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    EverFi Financial Literacy Platform for High Schools
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Identity Theft, Paying for College, Saving, Student Loan Management
    Audiences: Students (High School)
    Source: EverFi
    A Web-based product that uses rich-media, high-definition video and avatars to teach high school students how to handle key financial decisions.
    Free Resource
    Activity, Game, Multimedia

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    Everyday Life - Money
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Taxes
    Audiences: Adults, Students (College, High School)
    Source: Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.
    An interactive, situation-based series of lessons that allows user to experience real-life financial challenges without real-world consequences.
    Free Resource
    Game, Multimedia


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