OKMM Clearinghouse Search Help

Search Basics

When locating resources, you have three search options:

Clearinghouse Tabs

The “Search” tab allows you to quickly type in a keyword and/or select subject area(s), and then browse the list matching your criteria.

When using the “Search” feature, it’s best to keep your keyword generic. For example, if you’re looking for information about W-4 forms, search “taxes” or select the checkbox next to “Taxes” under “Subject” instead of searching for the specific form.

Basic search page of the clearinghouse

Advanced Search
The “Advanced Search” feature allows you to select additional search criteria and helps you narrow the search to find the resources that are most beneficial for you. In addition to “Subject”, you can also select “Language”, “Audience Served” and “Type of Resource”. To view more specific criteria, select the “More” link next to the search criteria listed.

Advanced search page of the clearinghouse

Browse All
To see all resources in our database, select the “Browse All” feature. The gray box on the left-hand side contains all the resources organized by subject, audience and type. Search results can then be sorted by title, subject, audience, source, type, language or cost.

Browse all page of the clearinghouse

Search Results

Use the gray box on the left side of the page to navigate your search results. Resources can be viewed by subject, audience or type.

Search Results Subject Tab  Search Results Audience Tab  Search Results Type Tab

Clearinghouse Features

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