Fall into Financial Freedom

With fall semester around the corner, are you still looking for engaging, fun workshops for your students? Consider inviting OKMM to help your students find financial freedom by spending – and borrowing – wisely. Schedule a free OKMM workshop today!

OKMM is Oklahoma Money Matters, the financial education initiative of the Oklahoma College Assistance Program and Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. OKMM provides relevant, engaging information and materials to help college students make wise financial choices during their college years and beyond. In our workshops, students learn budgeting techniques, practical ways to save money, steps to prevent identity theft, how their credit report affects their future, and how to successfully manage student loans.

After your OKMM workshop or seminar, students can continue building their personal finance skills by accessing the many instructional resources on our website, including interactive money management tools, self-paced learning modules in a variety of consumer topics, newsletters, and podcasts. Visit OklahomaMoneyMatters.org to learn more.

To schedule an OKMM workshop on your campus, or for more information about how we can help you incorporate personal finance education within your existing service structure, please contact us at 800.970.OKMM or oklahomamoneymatters@ocap.org.

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