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    Subject: Retirement Planning, Saving
    Audiences: Adults
    Source: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    Tools and resources to help you evaluate your current financial situation and get you where you want to be in the future.
    Free Resource
    Tool (Calculator), Activity (Quiz), Multimedia (Video), Website

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    It´s a Habit
    Subject: Saving, Teaching Kids about Money
    Audiences: Students (Elementary), Educators (Teachers), Adults (Parents)
    Source: It´s a Habit Co. Inc.,
    Educational and entertaining tools and resources that encourage saving money.
    Free Resource

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    Jump$tart Coalition Online Resource Search
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Economics, Financial Planning, Identity Theft, Investing, Paying for College, Retirement Planning, Saving, Student Loan Management, Taxes, Teaching Kids about Money
    Audiences: Adults, Educators, Service Providers
    Source: Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
    The National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy offers an online library of financial education resources for teachers, parents, caregivers and consumers who want to improve the financial literacy of students.
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    Tool, Website

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    Junior Achievement $ave, USA
    Subject: Teaching Kids about Money, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Identity Theft, Investing, Paying for College, Saving, Taxes
    Audiences: Students (Elementary, High School, Middle School)
    Source: Junior Achievement
    Lesson plans to help parents teach their kids about money management issues.
    Free Resource
    Lesson Plan/Curricula

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    Katrina´s Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Credit, Saving
    Audiences: Students (High School), Educators (Teachers)
    Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
    Katrina´s Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane is a free video-based curriculum designed to teach middle school and high school students and their parents the importance of being financially prepared. The curriculum focuses on financial responsibilities such as budgeting, banking, savings, and wise use of credit. The videos, an English/Spanish transcript, and lesson plans can be downloaded or ordered as a DVD/CD set
    Free Resource
    Multimedia (Video), Lesson Plan/Curricula
    English, Spanish

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    Knowledge Center from Great Lakes
    Subject: Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Financial Planning, Identity Theft, Retirement Planning, Saving, Student Loan Management, Pay Off Debt
    Audiences: College Graduates
    Source: Great Lakes
    Empower students to make sound financial choices before, during, and after college for lifelong financial wellness
    Resource has a Fee
    Website, Tool

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    Love Your Money
    Subject: Budgeting, Saving (Emergency Fund, Setting Goals), Retirement Planning
    Audiences: Educators (Professors), Students (College)
    Source: FINRA Investor Education Foundation, The University of Tennessee Extension Department of Family & Consumer Sciences
    Love Your Money is a website and online course designed to provide college students with the tools they need to manage their money, understand the financial markets and save and invest wisely.
    Free Resource
    Lesson Plan/Curricula, Website

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    Man vs. Debt
    Subject: Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Financial Planning, Identity Theft, Investing, Saving
    Audiences: Adults
    Source: ManVsDebt
    A blog with the message: The first step to living a life of passion and purpose is to remove the barriers that hold you back [primarily debt and excess clutter].
    Free Resource
    Website (Blog)

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    Mapping Your Future
    Subject: Paying for College (College Planning, Financial Aid), Saving, Student Loan Management, Budgeting
    Audiences: Students (Middle School, High School, College), Adults (Parents, Adult Learners), Educators (Teachers, Counselors, Campus Personnel), Service Providers
    Source: Mapping Your Future
    Provides free college, career, financial aid, and financial literacy services for students, families and schools
    Free Resource

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    Mapping Your Future Online Financial Literacy Counseling
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Credit (Credit Cards, Credit Reporting, Credit Scoring), Identity Theft, Saving (Setting Goals), Taxes, Financial Planning
    Audiences: Educators (Campus Personnel)
    Source: Mapping Your Future
    A 12-step financial literacy counseling session for college students
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Oklahoma Money Matters established this clearinghouse of financial literacy resources as a tool to help teachers, professors, educational administrators, practitioners and communities access information and instructional materials to support personal finance education for all ages. The clearinghouse contains publications, curricula and multimedia that address important money management topics such as saving for retirement, building a budget, balancing your checkbook and managing credit. We hope these resources help you make smart financial decisions and/or help you teach someone else how to manage their money successfully.