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    Financial Fundamentals
    Subject: Banking, Credit, Investing, Saving
    Audiences: Students (College, Elementary, High School, Middle School), Adults (Adult Learners)
    Source: Federal Reserve Bank
    Free, classroom-ready lesson plans that take the mystery out of money smarts. These lesson plans help you cover the basics of personal finance with videos, group activities, and more.
    Free Resource
    Lesson Plan/Curricula
    English, Spanish

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    Financial Literacy and Sustainability Lessons
    Subject: Investing, Saving, Budgeting, Credit, Consumer Issues (Insurance, Mortgage), Paying for College, Taxes
    Audiences: Educators (Teachers)
    Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    The curriculum is composed of easy-to-follow lesson plans accompanied by interactive handouts and dynamic multimedia components.
    Free Resource
    Lesson Plan/Curricula

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    Financial Literacy Quiz
    Subject: Banking, Economics, Investing, Saving
    Audiences: Adults, Students (College, High School)
    Source: FINRA Investor Education Foundation
    A five question financial literacy quiz.
    Free Resource
    Activity (Quiz)

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    Financial literacy videos
    Subject: Investing, Paying for College, Saving, Student Loan Management
    Audiences: Adults
    Source: Pathway to Financial Success
    Videos designed to help consumers take action to manage finances through every stage of life.
    Free Resource
    Multimedia (Video)

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    Financial Planning Association
    Subject: Consumer Issues, Financial Planning, Investing, Paying for College, Retirement Planning, Saving
    Audiences: Adults, Students (College)
    Source: Financial Planning Association
    The Financial Planning Association [FPA] is the largest membership organization for personal financial planning experts in the U.S. and includes professionals from all backgrounds and business models. Their website contains free financial planning resources and offers help in locating a financial planner.
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    First Nations Deevlopment Institute
    Subject: Credit, Investing
    Audiences: Specialty Groups (Native American), Adults
    Source: FNDI
    First Nations works to strengthen asset control and support economic development for American Indian people and their communities.
    Free Resource

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    FoolProof: Real Consumer Education for Young People and Adults
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Financial Planning, Identity Theft, Investing, Paying for College, Retirement Planning, Saving, Taxes
    Audiences: Adults (Employers), Educators (Professors, Teachers), Students (College, High School)
    Source: FoolProof Financial Education Systems, Inc.
    An interactive, self-grading group of online financial education learning modules.
    Free Resource
    Lesson Plan/Curricula, Multimedia

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    Foundations U
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Financial Planning, Investing, Paying for College, Retirement Planning
    Audiences: Adults, Students (College)
    Source: Foundations U
    Website containing articles, tools, and resources about saving, budgeting, debt management, college life, and more.
    Free Resource
    Tool, Website

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    Frugal Rules: Freedom Through Frugality
    Subject: Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Investing, Retirement Planning, Saving
    Audiences: Adults
    Source: Frugal Rules, Ink Harmony, LLC.
    Website with articles about retirement, investing, saving, and other consumer issues.
    Free Resource

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    FSI: Fraud Scene Investigator
    Subject: Investing
    Audiences: Students (High School), Educators (Teachers)
    Source: North American Securities Administrators Association
    An online interactive investor education program that teaches and empowers students how to detect and stop a million-dollar investment fraud
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Oklahoma Money Matters established this clearinghouse of financial literacy resources as a tool to help teachers, professors, educational administrators, practitioners and communities access information and instructional materials to support personal finance education for all ages. The clearinghouse contains publications, curricula and multimedia that address important money management topics such as saving for retirement, building a budget, balancing your checkbook and managing credit. We hope these resources help you make smart financial decisions and/or help you teach someone else how to manage their money successfully.