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    Entertainment Planner
    Subject: Budgeting
    Audiences: Adults
    Source: Practical Money Skills for Life
    An interactive budgeting tool for planning dinner parties or events
    Free Resource
    Tool (Calculator)

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    EverFi Financial Literacy Platform for High Schools
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Identity Theft, Paying for College, Saving, Student Loan Management
    Audiences: Students (High School)
    Source: EverFi
    A Web-based product that uses rich-media, high-definition video and avatars to teach high school students how to handle key financial decisions.
    Free Resource
    Activity, Game, Multimedia

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    EverFi Financial Literacy Platform for Middle Schools
    Subject: Teaching Kids about Money, Budgeting, Financial Planning, Saving
    Audiences: Educators, Students (Middle School)
    Source: N/A
    The MassMutual Foundation has partnered with EverFi to lead a major initiative to bring critical financial education to middle and high school students across the United States.
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    Tool, Website

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    Everyday Life - Money
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Taxes
    Audiences: Adults, Students (College, High School)
    Source: Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.
    An interactive, situation-based series of lessons that allows user to experience real-life financial challenges without real-world consequences.
    Free Resource
    Game, Multimedia

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    EveryDollar Budget
    Subject: Budgeting
    Audiences: Adults
    Source: Ramsey Solutions
    Create a budget, manage money, and track spending on the go with the EveryDollar budget apps for iPhone and Android. EveryDollar syncs across devices, so whether you are budgeting from your desktop or phone, your budget is always up to date.
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    Mobile Applications

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    A Financial Literacy Handbook for All Life Stages
    Subject: Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Financial Planning, Credit, Saving
    Audiences: Students, Adults
    Source: MoneyGeek
    This guide will: Show what you can expect to spend money on based on your age Provide you with strategies for managing your money Teach you the basics of navigating lifeĀ“s major expenses
    Free Resource

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    Financial Aid TV
    Subject: Paying for College, Budgeting, Student Loans
    Audiences: Students, Adults, Educators, Service Providers, Online Students, Parents, Consumers
    Source: College Financial Aid
    Financial Aid TV [FATV] provides current and prospective students and families with instant 24/7 access to short videos that discuss important financial aid topics such as: Applying for financial aid Financial aid eligibility Types of financial aid [e.g. grants and loans] Financial literacy Florida Bright Futures Education Tax Benefits and Credits
    Free Resource
    English, Spanish, Creole, Chinese

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    Financial Literacy and Sustainability Lessons
    Subject: Investing, Saving, Budgeting, Credit, Consumer Issues (Insurance, Mortgage), Paying for College, Taxes
    Audiences: Educators (Teachers)
    Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    The curriculum is composed of easy-to-follow lesson plans accompanied by interactive handouts and dynamic multimedia components.
    Free Resource
    Lesson Plan/Curricula

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    Financial Literacy Month
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Credit, Economics, Financial Planning
    Audiences: Adults
    Source: Financial Literacy Month
    Thirty steps to financial wellness. April is the official National Financial Literacy Month: however the experts at Money Management International know that regardless of the day or month of the year you begin, the 30 step path will help you achieve financial wellness. Take the first step today!
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    English, Spanish

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    Five Cent Nickel
    Subject: Budgeting, Consumer Issues, Credit, Saving
    Audiences: Adults
    A personal finance blog that provides financial advice, tips, tricks, news, bank rates and commentary.
    Free Resource
    Website (Blog)


Oklahoma Money Matters established this clearinghouse of financial literacy resources as a tool to help teachers, professors, educational administrators, practitioners and communities access information and instructional materials to support personal finance education for all ages. The clearinghouse contains publications, curricula and multimedia that address important money management topics such as saving for retirement, building a budget, balancing your checkbook and managing credit. We hope these resources help you make smart financial decisions and/or help you teach someone else how to manage their money successfully.