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  • 181.
    Ultimate Money Skills
    Subject: Banking, Budgeting, Credit, Identity Theft, Investing, Paying for College
    Audiences: Students (College, High School)
    Source: Making It Count, Bank of America
    An interactive website with tips, articles and tools to help students better understand money and prepare for life in and after college.
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    Understanding Taxes - Student Site
    Subject: Taxes
    Audiences: Educators (Teachers), Students (High School)
    Source: Internal Revenue Service
    Explore the hows and whys of taxes through 38 lessons including activities, tutorials, simulations and assessments.
    Free Resource
    Website, Lesson Plan/Curricula
    English, Spanish

  • 183.
    Vault Understanding Money Platform for Elementary Schools
    Subject: Budgeting, Credit, Saving
    Audiences: Students (Elementary, Middle School)
    Source: EverFi
    This financial literacy platform is geared toward students in 4th through 6th grade and strives to empower children to start cultivating good financial habits early.
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    Activity, Game, Multimedia

  • 184.
    Wallet Hub
    Subject: Credit (Credit Cards)
    Audiences: Students, Adults, Educators, Service Providers, Specialty Groups, Online Students, College Graduates
    Source: Wallet Hub
    Credit card payoff calculator
    Free Resource
    Tool (Calculator)

  • 185.
    Beware of Spyware
    Subject: Identity Theft
    Audiences: Adults (Employees, Parents), Students (College, High School), Educators (Counselors, Teachers)
    Source: Federal Trade Commission
    Learn to protect your computer from spyware and viruses that can give fraudsters access to your personal information.
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  • 186.
    You Are Here
    Subject: Teaching Kids about Money, Consumer Issues
    Audiences: Adults (Parents), Students (Middle School), Educators (Teachers)
    Source: Federal Trade Commission
    In this virtual mall, you can play games, design ads, chat with customers and store owners, and much more. Youll learn key consumer concepts, such as how advertising affects you, how you benefit when businesses compete, how [and why] to protect your information, and how to spot scams.
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    Game, Website

  • 187.
    You Can Deal With It
    Subject: Budgeting, Paying for College (Financial Aid, FAFSA, College Planning, College Savings), Student Loan Management, Student Loans
    Audiences: Students (High School, College), Educators, College Graduates, Adults (Parents)
    Tools and resources that will help you provide the right information to your students during each phase of their college career. There are specific sections devoted to money management and default prevention.
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  • 188.
    Your Life, Your Money
    Subject: Credit (Credit Cards), Investing, Retirement Planning, Saving, Consumer Issues (Insurance), Banking, Budgeting
    Audiences: Students (High School, College)
    Source: PBS
    Follows the real-life financial struggles of young adults in America
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    Multimedia (Video), Lesson Plan/Curricula, Activity

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    Biz Kid$
    Subject: Teaching Kids about Money
    Audiences: Students (Elementary, High School, Middle School)
    Source: Biz Kid$, LLP
    A national financial education initiative based on an Emmy Award-winning public television serious about kids, money and business. Website contains educational videos, games, newsletters, and blog.
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    Game, Multimedia (Video), Website (Blog)

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    Subject: Consumer Issues, Teaching Kids about Money
    Audiences: Educators (Teachers), Students (Elementary, Middle School)
    Source: BizWorld
    The BizWorld program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance by showing children how the entrepreneurial cycle operates.
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Oklahoma Money Matters established this clearinghouse of financial literacy resources as a tool to help teachers, professors, educational administrators, practitioners and communities access information and instructional materials to support personal finance education for all ages. The clearinghouse contains publications, curricula and multimedia that address important money management topics such as saving for retirement, building a budget, balancing your checkbook and managing credit. We hope these resources help you make smart financial decisions and/or help you teach someone else how to manage their money successfully.